BLACKWATER Promotions is a film and photography production company. We focus on promoting your company and your vision in an accurate and creative manner. No business is the same and that is why our team’s combined skills cover a wide range of film & photography expertise. In the digital era, your company’s visual presence is more important than ever. With the BWP team, you have access to a team of detail-obsessed marketing directors, production directors, photographers, videographers, and art directors that have learned your business to a T. This means beautifully aesthetic, accurate, and creative film and photography that can be used on social media, in business presentations, in print collateral and across your entire marketing outreach. BWP is the invaluable partner you need to increase the effectiveness and impact of your marketing outreach in any industry.


Shevy S.

Chief Marketing Officer

A graduate of University of Maryland and University of Baltimore School of Law. Growing up as the son of a businessman, Shevy’s entrepreneurial spirit has always driven him to pursue new and exciting business ventures. He truly enjoys finding solutions that help businesses get off the ground, continue their growth, and maintain their competitive edge.


Sam R.

Chief Creative Officer

An original founding member and Chief Creative Officer since 2000. Sam blew away the competition at New Jersey Institute of Technology and has worked for the likes of AOL, CoStar Group, Discovery Channel and Network Solutions. Sam was, is, and continues to be the heart of Blackwater and is our lead point of contact for brand strategy and creative direction on every client project.


Vu N.

Film & Photography Director

With natural creativity and instinct for composition, which Vu developed throughout his life as an illustrator and painter, every shot captured on camera is brought to life and delivers on its specific intent. Videography for your business, large or small, needs to be impactful and capture the attention of its intended audience. Vu’s goal for each video is to connect with the audience emotionally. His experience filming over 100 weddings allows him to excel with event coverage and assures no important moments are missed in fast-paced filming projects. Vu’s ability to film with cinematic style, select proper musical scores, and stylistically edit videos help bring your brand to life.