The Importance of Good Audio in Your Video

When it comes to videos, people tend to prioritize image quality over sound. This often leads people to wrongly assume that sound quality is unimportant in comparison, however, that is not the case.

For the average person, when they want to record a video, they will use the most convenient camera available, like a smartphone. They’ll point the camera, hit the record button, and presto! They’ve made a video clip. With proper lighting and a stable hand, the video quality from a modern-day smartphone can actually be quite decent. However, the thought of grabbing a professional microphone, boom mic, and lav mic before recording would never cross the average person’s mind as a necessity.

It doesn’t actually matter if the video is filmed inside or outside, the fact remains that a camera without proper audio recording equipment and techniques will always suffer from poor audio quality. When it comes to outside video recording, you will have to deal with nature’s sounds such as birds, wind, cars whizzing by, and the lack of audio bounce/deflection in order to get any clear audio. When you are indoors, the challenge becomes wrestling with reverb/echo as well as other possible unavoidable noises like the air circulation system. You can never get close enough to have the right proximity on the on-camera microphone to get high-quality sound.

What’s the point of a video if you can’t hear it? These days, even silent films have to utilize audio editing in order to achieve silence. This is where professional expertise comes in. A professional videographer knows what audio equipment to use for all these situations. They can determine the proper distance of the mic, if the mic is visible in the shot, what sound techniques to use to limit reverb/echo, etc. There are many pieces that come into play that affect the quality of your audio during video recording, but videographers know how to use those pieces to their advantage. Horrible audio will make even the most beautiful image unwatchable.

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