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The Kellogg Conference Hotel break lounge is a contemporary space that serves a dual purpose. In the daytime, the break lounge offers communal dining for groups on the Day Meeting Package, and in the evening it transforms into an urban-chic lounge with the feel of a loft.

Kellogg Conference Hotel tasked BLACKWATER with capturing the essence of the break lounge with a lifestyle shoot that incorporated real people and not paid actors. They wanted to portray everyday people so that everyone could envision themselves having a good time in their beautiful lounge. The challenge was to orchestrate the shoot so that the volunteers could feel comfortable appearing in front of the camera and display genuine expressions. Once again we were successful at accomplishing this task and captured images that encapsulate the joy people feel when spending time in the break lounge.

Photography: Sam Rooeintan, Carlos Gonzales
Producer: Marstudio, Inc.
Creative Direction: Sam Rooeintan
Subject: The Breakloune at Kellogg Conference Hotel

Category: Food, Lifestyle

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