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Hyper Denim

It's difficult to get style, quality, and value in a single product. Hyper Denim, a California born brand, excels at what others struggle to do.

The challenge for the BLACKWATER team was to introduce the brand to Philly, and in the process, hype the main style and features of Hyper Denim's products. These days there is an over saturation of stylized photography that makes it difficult to stand out if you do not have the budget to support it. However, with the help of our creative team, we managed to deliver a unique look for Hyper Denim that showcases their products in an effective and relatable manner.

Director of Photography: Michael Chaney
Producer: Joel Bernstein
Creative Direction: Zela Khiangte
Subject: Hyper Denim Pants

Category: Lifestyle, Products
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Product Photography Philadelphia – Hyper Denim

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