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Manicdotes KickStarter Video

Manicdotes! is a fun, fast-paced, challenging, social, storytelling card game. As the Storyteller, you are given an opening line (Story Starter) and a list of keywords (Words Card) that must be entwined into your tall-tale. Players must listen carefully to your fast-paced fable to identify which words were pulled from your Words Card. Manicdotes! is designed to be a fast-action experience that can be played time and time again.

The BLACKWATER team created a video to display the joy the players experience while playing this game. We also coupled the game shots with the narration of the game's creator adding a layer of storytelling to the video just as the game suggests.

Director of Videography: Carlos Gonzales
Producer: Marstudio, Inc.
Creative Direction: Carlos Gonzales, Sam Rooeintan
Subject: Manicdotes Game

Category: Commercial, Products, Promotional

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