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Olympia Gyro

Order a gyro and Athens Voulgardis will cut thick slices from the exterior, at once soft and crispy, tuck them into a round of warm, fluffy pita with tzatziki, onion, and tomato, all wrapped up and ready to eat.

Our challenge was to capture the essence the description you just read. It was not an easy task but we managed to shoot a diverse selection of shots that helped us create an overview video for Olympia Gyro. This video will be shared on social media for fans to enjoy and for future fans to be enticed and get their appetites wet.

Director of Videography: Joel Bernstein
Producer: Joel Bernstein
Creative Direction: Zela Khiangte
Subject: Olympia Gyro

Category: Food, Promotional, Social Media
Corporate Video Production Philadelphia – Olympia Gyro

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