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Pluqis Colored Pencils

Pluqis is one of the premier suppliers of quality art materials to educational and retail markets globally. They manufacture sturdy wood colored pencils that produce rich pigments and ensure professional-quality results.

They approached BLACKWATER for a series of flatlay photographs highlighting their colored pencils. The goal was to create a few different settings, showcasing how versatile their products can be. Our team went to work and created three different scenarios that were then meticulously setup and captured to present how architects, to artists, to children can benefit from Pluqis colored pencils.  In addition, we also set up a few detailed shots to showcase the quality of the products and how easy it was to use them for various purposes from professional to recreational.

Ultimately the photographs we captured and post produced were used by Pluqis on Amazon Marketplace, their website, and some of their marketing collateral.

Photography: Carlos Gonzales, Sam Rooeintan
Producer: Marstudio, Inc.
Creative Direction: Sam Rooeintan
Subject: Pluqis Premium Colored Pencils

Category: Lifestyle
Lifestyle Photograph of Pluqis Color Pencils used by an Architect

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