4K UHD vs 1080p HD Upscaling to 4K

When it comes to video production, a common question these days is, “Why should you film in 4k when most consumers view video content on their phones?” It’s true, phones don’t have 4k resolution screens, but filming in 4k is still a valuable asset nonetheless.

Therefore, the question should instead be, “If your camera is capable of shooting 4k resolution, why not do it?”

The most common argument against shooting 4k videos is that they take up a lot of storage space due to large file sizes. Often, people will cite the fact that you can simply upscale 1080p to 4k and still get great results. However, these arguments are rooted in misconceptions and misunderstandings.

The idea that 4k takes up too much space isn’t entirely true. Many manufacturers, such as Sony, have developed video codecs that aren’t just high in quality, but efficient in terms of size. Sony’s 4k codec has been highly regarded as having some of the best dynamic range in the market, even when compared to higher bitrate systems. Sony 4k file sizes are even smaller than 1080p file sizes many other manufacturers produce.

The notion of upscaling 1080p footage to 4k for similar results is also largely false. The 4k images are very sharp, crisp, and hard to replicate. See the video below for comparison.


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