Don Pollo

Don Pollo Photoshoot

Recently, Blackwater did a photoshoot at Don Pollo, a local restaurant chain who specializes in Peruvian-style charbroiled chicken. Our goal of the shoot was to capture a truly rustic feeling while using the restaurant as a backdrop.

The restaurant was open, so, to limit the distractions during the shoot, we set up constant video LED lighting instead of flash.

We used a long table in the middle of the restaurant to strategically place the food. This allowed us to create out of focus BOKEH, helping to bring attention to the menu items.

We also utilized a wooden plank and a series of colorful table mats for overhead shots. The wood helped continue the rustic theme while the table mats helped create an aesthetically pleasing color contrast.

Overall, we were able to produce a set of food photography that was so amazing, you could practically taste it.

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