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Lavande Mini Keylime Pie

Lavande Patisserie

Lavande Patisserie is a French-inspired destination spot that specializes in hand-crafted desserts. As part of a promotional effort, Lavande shared a few of their amazing treats with us and we decided to photograph them as part of a personal project called "Imported From Heaven". Our attempt was to shoot these amazing desserts against a pure white backdrop to make sure they were the center of attention. The final result gave us a heavenly look that we were looking for.

Once the desserts were photographed we enhanced the captured images to get them as close as possible to the actual food items and made sure to preserve their delicious look. Once the color correction and post-production was complete, we then had our great Marstudio graphic designers go to work and create posters which then we shared with the Lavande.

Photography: Sam Rooeintan, Carlos Gonzales
Producer: Marstudio, Inc.
Creative Direction: Sam Rooeintan
Subject: Lavande Patisserie Desserts

Category: Food
Blackwater Lavande Patisserie Posters
Food Photography Philadelphia – Lavande Patisserie

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