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Inspired by native Venezuelan recipes, TartAreperia creates a variety of culinary delights from every region in our country and combines exquisite textures and flavors from around the world, to bring you the savory “AREPA”.

Our challenge was to showcase how unique and scrumptious TartAreperia's food was in contrast to their location. Their restaurant boasts an urban grunge feel and it is hard to image from outside that their cuisine would be so refined and delectable. Therefore, we attempted to create a good balance between the two by doing an on-location food photography for them using their restaurant as the backdrop for their unique dishes.

Photography: Michael Chaney
Producer: Joel Bernstein
Creative Direction: Zela Khiangte
Subject: TartAreperia

Category: Food
Tart Areperia Restaurant Facade
Food Photography Philadelphia – TartAreperia

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