The Alchemist Society: Bold Cheeses & Bubbles Event

The Alchemist Society is a brand new space in Fishtown, Philadelphia. They wanted to create something a little different. Offering tickets to attend unique classes where attendants can learn about different types of alcohol, The Alchemist Society is a unique educational/event space.

The Alchemist Society challenged us at BLACKWATER Promotions to make a video about their Bold Cheeses & Bubbles event. They wanted us to capture the many drinks they were serving, the engaging environment, but more importantly, people having a great time. Luckily for us, people with wine and cheese are usually always having a good time, so that only made our job easier. The true challenge came with the lighting in the room.

Taking photos and videos in a dimly lit room can be tough. To overcome this in our photography, we had to use a flash that bounced off the walls to ensure that each shot gave us a clean and evenly lit room. To shoot our video, we had no choice but to boost our settings to get bright enough shots making them noisy. But we knew that when you do find yourself in low light shooting situations we would have some extra work in post-production. When footage comes out grainy, that is based on the way you color grade. Even though it was extra work, we went ahead and captured our footage with the knowledge that we would be able to clean it up.

During post-production, we added a bit of a film grain to mix with the natural noise from the camera so it blended seamlessly. Sometimes we used a denoiser to make the footage a bit softer and less crisp from what we captured. This resulted in the footage still having a beautiful film aesthetic. An outcome only possible through forethought and meticulous post-production work.

The event was a great time. Our team not only captured everything that The Alchemist Society asked, but also got to taste some fine wine and cheeses. Check out some of the photos we captured and the recap video.

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