From Trend to Strategy: Short Marketing Videos

Since about 2012 the use of promotional videos has grown, but the length of the actual videos has gotten shorter, and now short videos are more than a trend; they are a marketing strategy. Believe it or not, short videos can be a key to increased brand recognition, improved SEO, and overall sales. It seems ironic that shorter exposure would be more beneficial to your company, but in this situation, less truly is more. Snapchat, and the now-defunct Vine, made brevity the soul of videos. Today, with the placement and importance of videos directly in social media feeds (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) keeping the video short is even more important. So how will these short videos help your company grow? Well, once again BLACKWATER has the answers for you.

What Is Considered a Short Video, and What Are They Used for?

Believe it or not, using short videos isn’t new. Many TV commercials are just that. Companies need to keep these videos short because let’s face it, commercial spots are expensive. But in the Internet age, generally “short” is considered to be 60 seconds or less. Unlike a lengthier, standard video, the goal of a short video is brand awareness and piquing fan interest. According to Sprout Social, Instagram users give a video less than 30 seconds before deciding whether or not to watch it. That is why the strategy and purpose behind your short video is key.

Short videos sit at the top of your sales funnel. They capture attention, provide brand awareness, and make users interested in your products or services. Just as you would never create a trailer and expect it to serve the same purpose as a movie, short videos should never serve as your entire content strategy. But there are some key goals your short videos should be created to accomplish, which include brand recognition, improved SEO, and many others.

How Short Videos Increase Brand Recognition

As you try to grow your business and increase brand recognition, the use of short videos on social media can be a key factor in doing this. Videos are great for social media feeds because the reach of online advertising is vast and it’s easy to capture a scrolling user’s attention with movement. But, since users are only spending seconds on posts before scrolling, messages need to be clearly delivered, quickly. Like this video we created for Bassett’s Ice Cream Catering, a short video should make you hungry for more. The video gives you an idea of the catering experience and makes you want to contact them to find out more information. As people interact with your company and brand (maybe unexpectedly), they learn more about who you are and what you provide, within a brief time period. If it piques their interest, that could be a sale waiting to happen.

How Short Videos Improve SEO

Short videos don’t have to only live on your social media sites. They can be posted on your website, enclosed in email campaigns, and, after they’ve debuted on social media they can be posted on YouTube, which makes it easier for people to find them a second time, and to share them. All of this permanent hosting of the videos is great for SEO. If people want to re-watch the video or are given the opportunity to watch it for the first time on your site or YouTube page, they are also helping increase your chance of being found on search engines. The value of good SEO is essential in this day and age and if you have the ability to increase it through video, the ROI is high.

Keys to Effective Short Videos

A good short video can capture more attention than other forms of content, so it’s important that your video is done well. Since most people watch Facebook and other social videos with the sound off, it’s important that your video does not rely too heavily on its soundtrack, and that you provide clear, well-written captions for the video. Working with an accomplished videographer, someone who can learn about your company and goals, and think about the bigger picture of your marketing plan, will help you create the kind of video you need.

There is a laundry list of benefits that short videos can bring to your online marketing strategy, but none of the items on that list will be checked off if your video strategy or videos are poorly done. If you have a budget for video in your marketing strategy (which we recommend), making sure that you work with an experienced video production and marketing company is key. They will make sure that as they strategize your video campaign they not only make an aesthetically pleasing video, but one that also serves its purpose.

We hope we’ve convinced you not to underestimate the power of short, and to see that short videos are more than just a trend but a key cog in the gears of your marketing strategy. If you’re interested in exploring short videos as part of your content strategy, let us know, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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