Blackwater Behind the Scenes: Making a Commercial

Recently, we took on the project of creating a series of commercials for the title company, Eastern Title & Settlement. For founder and CEO, Josh Greene, it became obvious that in order to promote his company in a way that accurately reflected the professionalism of his business, it wouldn’t be enough to just hire anyone behind the camera. He needed someone who was dedicated to their craft, someone who could produce high-quality work and had the experience to prove it. He needed Blackwater Promotions.

We took advantage of our studio’s setting, which allowed for lighting, set pieces, and other variables to remain under our control. The setting also proved propitious by enabling us to provide instant playbacks and consultations when needed.

Our set up allowed for the subject to be brought out in a crisp image.

Although Eastern Title & Settlement didn’t bring a script for the project beforehand, our staff was able to act on the spot, creating a brief but informative video for our client. Everything from the lighting to the equipment was chosen for strategic purposes. We used an Ikam 90-Watt LED panel with barn doors, one Boiling BL_P1 12-Watt LED video light with built-in RBG color-changing lights, two Sony a7iii cameras positioned at different angles, and eventually, smaller LED video lights. This specific setup allowed us to really bring out the subject, highlighting Mr. Greene in a crisp, vibrant image.

If you’d like to include a commercial in your marketing setup, Blackwater Promotions would be happy to help. Call us at 888.411.MARS for more information.

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