Videographer vs. Filmmaker

In today’s world, you can use a cellphone and instantly start recording a video. As technology improved, it became even easier to buy an inexpensive camcorder or point-and-shoot camera to film 4k videos. With all these options so readily available, you may be asking: Why do I need a professional videographer? There’s a lot more to what we do than just “make videos.” As videographers, we produce films not just videos. We don’t record random clips, we tell stories. 

In reality, there is a lot that goes into filmmaking. There’s scripting, storyboarding, composition, lighting, audio, editing, color correction and grading to name a few. Just one mistake with your lighting could set you back, forcing you to re-shoot everything from the start. The smallest blip of background noise like a whirling fan, the clink of a glass, or the scuffle of shoes, could ruin your audio. If you aren’t trained in videography, these mistakes can be detrimental, but a trained professional knows how to fix these errors.

Equipment is also a crucial aspect of videography and why you should consider hiring a professional. If you take an inexpensive camera to the job, it will show in the final product. No amount of post-production touch-ups can improve the quality of bad raw footage; if you record on an inexpensive camera, the final product will reflect that. For businesses and events, that’s not a risk you can afford to take. Professional production companies and trained professionals have the necessary equipment and training needed to produce high-quality footage. As videographers, it’s our job to see everything, using our trained eyes to catch glimpses of aspects easily overseen.

Videographers are also required to be highly adaptive. When the time and budget allow for it, we do everything in our power to control the filming environment. Lighting is poised stylistically in order to achieve the look, feel, and story we’re trying to tell. For a videographer, the true test of our quality is when you can pause the video at any given moment and have the frames look like professional photographs. Sometimes, we don’t have the luxuries of a controlled shooting environment, requiring us to react on the spot. This is where compositions, angles, proper uses of available light, and creative editing come into play.

Whether it’s a controlled studio, corporate events, or “run and gun” commercial situations, we do it all. Our department goes the extra mile in order to get high-quality professional footage for our clients. For all your corporate film and photography needs, contact us today by emailing or calling 866.411.MARS.

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