BLACKWATER Promotions’ AEG Shoot

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, BLACKWATER Promotions is hard at work, continuing our videography while adhering to CDC restrictions. We are able to perform quality work while social distancing, keeping us and our clients safe. Recently, we were able to film a series of interviews for AEG.

We used telephoto lenses and lav mics to get the job done. For those who don’t know, telephoto lenses are longer, allowing us to keep 6 feet apart while shooting.

Additionally, the lav mics were routinely cleaned, capturing crisp audio without compromising anyone’s safety. Other precautions we took included wearing a mask and disinfecting all materials that were shared.

If you or your business is interested in a photoshoot or interview, contact BLACKWATER Promotions today. We will film, edit and produce the content needed without compromising your safety.

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