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Compass Group USA Event

Compass Group is a leading foodservice and support services company. They serve award-winning restaurants, corporate cafes, hospitals, schools, arenas, museums, and more.

They approached Blackwater through Kellogg Conference Hotel to photograph their event at Kennedy Center. Their events include meticulously prepared food and other vibrant culinary settings which make for amazing photographs. Blackwater made sure to capture the essence of their event by combining lifestyle photography and food photography. The challenge was that most all events such the one Compass was hosting happens to take place in low light situations and using Flash sometimes is the only option. However, our experience Blackwater crew took advantage of the lighting setups and captured some amazing shots that the client was very excited about. The focus of the shoot was more the showcase how capable Compass is at creating unique and memorable settings for their guests and showcase that to the world and we excelled and helping them capture that.

Photography: Sam Rooeintan
Producer: Marstudio, Inc.
Creative Direction: Sam Rooeintan
Subject: Compass Group Event at Kennedy Center

Category: Lifestyle

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